Remember, Remember

A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery, Book 4

Remember, Remember

The game’s afoot in this fast-paced Victorian mystery!

A lovely young American actress has a major problem.
It’s a cold morning in 1897 when she awakens outside the British Museum, lying face down on the concrete pavement . She has no memories. She does not even know who she is, although she has a vague recollection of the name Sherlock Holmes. She thinks she may have just killed someone, and she knows someone wants to kill her. As she searches for clues to her true identity, she will learn that she is not the only target. Unless she can defeat her evil adversaries, the people most dear to her will die.

Review in Publishers Weekly

Elliott (the Twilight of Avon trilogy) and Veley, her father, collaborate on the winning third mystery pairing Sherlock Holmes and his daughter, Lucy James (after 2016’s The Wilhelm Conspiracy). A woman, whom most readers will quickly realize is Lucy, regains consciousness near the British Museum after being roused by a handsome police constable, John Kelly, who believes her to be a vagrant. To her alarm, she realizes her memory is impaired; she doesn’t even know her own name. She does have visions of blood and of holding a revolver, but her belief that she may have shot someone is rebutted by the officer, who notes the absence of powder burns on her palms.[...]